MICROspecialties, Inc.
has been manufacturing disposable ophthalmic blades since it opened the first facility in 1984.  Some of the products over the years have included disposable Radial Keratotomy blades, Cannulas, Ultrasounds, IOL's and Microkeratome Blades.  We have now expanded to allow us to provide all of your disposable ophthalmic surgical needs.  Whether you have heard of us or not, or done business with us before, we have exciting news to share with you.
Now it is possible to save time and expense without compromising the standards of your practice. 

It is with pride we are introducing:


On our website you will find an information detailing MICROkare’s six categories of products.  They are Cannulas, PVA products, Drapes, Knives, Microkeratome Blades, LCB M2 Microkeratome Blades and Tubing sets We can provide virtually any ophthalmic item you will need in your practice at an attractive and competitive price.

MICROkare Introduces the New Laser Calibrated M2 Microkeratome Blades.

MICROkare Introduces the New and Improved BD Microkeratome Blades. Now, you have the right to choose!
You don’t have to give up your BD unit. BD blades from the original Manufacturer.

Visit our Customized Ophthalmic Surgical Packs division, PRO-PAKS, LLC.


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