What is the MICROspecialties philosophy?

To offer superior customer service, timely and accurate information, and the highest quality ophthalmic products delivered, on time.

Why was the MICROkare line created?
In order for the modern practices of today to have a complete line of quality disposable ophthalmic products that allow one to save time and expense without compromising the standards of that practice.

What types of Surgery can the MICROkare line be used for?
Any type of Ophthalmic surgical procedure, whether it's Cataract, Refractive, Vitreoretinal, Glaucoma, Corneal, Oculoplastic or Minor Procedure.

What products are available from MICROspecialties?

     MICROkare Line
     Microkeratome Blades
     Tubing Sets

     Also Available:
     Cautery Cables and Pencils
     Cups, Basins, Bowls and Trays
     Eye Pads and Eye Shields
     Eye Sponges (spears), Swabs and Applicators
     Fluid Administration and Tubing Sets
     Gauze and Dressings
     Instrument Wipes
     Instruments, Handles, Filters and Adapters
     Knives and Blades
     Needles and Syringes
     Table and Mayo Stand Covers

What basic customer needs does the MICROkare line fulfill?
MICROkare offers the greatest selection of products in one line. Not every vendor can supply all the products needed, until now. Who has the time to call a number of vendors to get all of the products they need? Now you can find it all in one place.

How do I get MICROspecialties, Inc. products?
Click on this link – Contact information. Call toll-free, fax, or email us. Our well trained, "partner"-oriented customer service associates will be more than happy to introduce you to the MICROkare line and help you with any of ophthalmic disposables needs.

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