MICROspecialties, Inc.
is a privately held company, incorporated in Connecticut since 1997 but operated in California since 1984 with the same principal owner Gaston "Gus" Levesque.

MICROspecialties, Inc. has been manufacturing disposable Ophthalmic blades since it opened the first facility in 1984. Some of the products over the years have included disposable Radial Keratotomy blades, Cannulas, Ultrasounds, IOL's and MicroKeratome Blades. In 2004 we introduced the MICROkare line of quality, disposable ophthalmic products.

Our pride in manufacturing comes from the state of the art inspection system that only a laser can deliver and insures exact measurements of all aspects of the blade. Our Keratome blades are highly polished on all surfaces and processed through our special cleaning that insures a contaminant free Keratome Blade.

MICROspecialties, Inc. has full control of all manufacturing aspects of the blades. Our state of the art manufacturing facility includes a 2400 sq. ft. warehouse, 2200 sq. ft. assembly area and 600 sq. ft. of clean room for final cleaning and packaging of the microKeratome blades.

MICROspecialties, Inc. is a presence, here in New England, but we are committed to being more reactive to all individual practices’ needs.  Our production expertise allows us to offer specialized services such as “inventory on hand” and short notice delivery.  We are “manufacturer direct,” meaning you deal directly with us, no distributor or middleman.  Available to you is the time saving option of direct order capabilities via our website, fax or phone.  At MICROspecialties, Inc. we offer superior customer service, timely and accurate information, and the highest quality ophthalmic products delivered, on time.

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